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BOURJEON Potter’s Patronus Pendant (2)

BOURJEON is recently launched accessories brand that deals in beautifully handcrafted jewelry made from stunning gems and stones and interesting combination of metals. They have created unique pieces of necklaces , earrings and bracelets with a promise of not compromising on quality at all! Also, they are providing FREE SHIPPING all over Pakistan at the moment! 😉

Okay so,I was among the lucky few to receive a piece of jewelry from them to review and even LUCKIER to receive a “Harry Potter” inspired pendant 😀 I applaud the team of Bourjeon for paying so much attention to the wrapping and packaging, which most of the brands miss out, not knowing or overseeing the fact of how much of a positive impact they create to the customer. The necklace was safely secured in a big velvet pouch and the necklace itself was wrapped in 2-3 layers of a bubble sheet to protect it from damaging during shipping. Honestly, they couldn’t get any more professional!

So, this beauty is named “Potter’s Patronus Pendant 2” and of course as the name suggests, the pendant is a stunning gold Stag. The best part about this pendant is the epic “Bourjeon” edge to it which is incorporation of mechanical wheels on the face of the Stag.


The pendant has a 45 cm silver chain and a 5 x 7.5 cm gold pendant, with the mechanical wheels being a combination of silver and gold. It is created from Zinc Alloy and is KC Gold and Silver Plated. The necklace is perfectly polished and has no signs of rust or color fades.The overall weight of the necklace is 22g which is pretty much on the heavier side but trust me, when you wear it, it feels and looks absolutely luxurious!


Although I have this really weird thing, whatever artificial/ silver/ gold plated necklaces or bracelets I wear in summers , turn black after a couple of times, this magical necklace didn’t even fade one bit! Thumbs up for fighting my super acidic sweat ( sounds gross but it’s a fact, so yeah). I’m beyond impressed! 😀

Jokes apart every single soul that has seen me wear it, have admired it! I’m totally in love with this necklace and have to say, can’t wait to shop more from Bourjeon! Make sure you go and check them out!  <3

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