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Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipsticks

    Luscious Cosmetics is the first Pakistani brand that is internationally known and will be making its way to Sephora,soon!Yes that is something BIG,isn’t it? All we can say is that we can’t be proud enough! <3     I have been using Luscious products for a long time[…]

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Keune DeFrizz Serum review

  Keune Pakistan were generous enough to send  a few of their amazing products for review and amongst those, included this DeFrizz Serum.    The bottle has a big size that contains 50ml of the product. The look of the plastic packaging doesn’t look very high quality though but it[…]

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Eos Visible Soft lipbalm- Vanilla Mint

  Dry Lips- A super common problem every girl faces, despite the weather condition. We definitely need a handy product that actually works well. Well, Here’s that one adorable little spherical shaped lip balm by EOS. As I had seen many celebrities use it such as Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato[…]

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Artdeco Blusher19 – Rosy Caress

    I purchased this beautifully elegant blusher by Artdeco from a store in Islamabad for PKR 800. The blusher comes in a compact magnetic pan with a plastic slide-off lid which reduces the hassle of opening, thus, saving time. 5g of this blusher is present in the pan which[…]

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