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Keune DeFrizz Serum review



Keune Pakistan were generous enough to send  a few of their amazing products for review and amongst those, included this DeFrizz Serum.


 The bottle has a big size that contains 50ml of the product. The look of the plastic packaging doesn’t look very high quality though but it does provide good protecting from breakage. At the front of the bottle the name of the brand, the product and the quantity is printed while at the back, the characteristics of the products are mentioned in English and in other different languages (very thoughtful and helpful!) as well as the ingredients.




The bottle consists of a press-down plastic nozzle at the top (kinda gives an impression of a hand-wash pump). The nozzle creates a mess if pumped from a 90 degree angle so to avoid that, the bottle has to be kept tiled for the serum to ooze out directly into the palm.



The serum is a transparent fluid that is neither too thick nor too thin in consistency. It leaves behind some oil in the palm after it is applied to (wet) hair but the surprising part is it gets absorbed into the hair in seconds without making the hair look oily! And not to forget the lovely floral scent it has! By the time I was using this product I had an Angled-bob till my shoulders and just for this length I had to pump out the serum at least 4-5 times to apply all over hair ( probably that’s also because I have voluminous hair :/ )


Keune DeFrizz serum is a good product for people that have a “slight” problem of frizz. It does leave the hair super shiny and silky BUT it does not completely “DeFrizz” the hair. I used this product in winters and have to say it worked pretty well but as I started using it in summers, when the frizz problem is at the peak, it didn’t make quite a difference. My frizzy hair was still rocking my head like a pop-star! So, that being said it is not recommended to people who think their frizzy hair will turn into some gorgeous super shiny hair (No,sweetheart, that’s not gonna happen).



* Break-proof packaging.

* Quick absorption.

* Floral scent.

* Makes hair shiny.



* Leaves hands oily after application

* The bottle lacks innovation.

* Does NOT Defrizz frizzy hair.

* A lot of product is required for application all over the hair.



Available at Keune’s flagship salon “Elysian” (PWD, Rawalpindi) and departmental stores all over Pakistan.







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